An experience that enchants you with its vivacity brought to you by Shingora. It opens up a mélange of enticing designs and mesmerizing colors that serenade your senses and transport you to a surreal realm. The dream took seed three decades ago when Mrs. Mridula Jain envisaged a line for women that was trendy, cosmopolitan and of the finest quality. A simple thought that went on to rewrite the history of the humble shawl and transform it into a garment capable of pulling off an enviable look on its own merit. An audacious dream for a high school teacher that managed to touch incredible heights, it took a heady belief in her work and utmost dedication to bear fruit. Every story worth recounting has chapters written afresh to add momentum to it. The next wonderful phase was set into motion by Mr. Amit Jain, Mrs. Mridula Jain's son. Equipped with an international education and work experience, he steer-headed the company from a handloom operated family business to a fledging digitized and system driven international enterprise. Under his aegis, the company became a name to reckon with, ruling the market for quality shawls and scarves.
The heart of the Shingora Story is its infrastructural competence. Shingora adds an edge to everything it does as it does not take success for granted and builds continually on its infrastructure and skill sets. From state-of-the-art CAD systems, shuttle-less looms; electronic jacquards, moving carriage printing machines and continuous washing and finishing lines to fully automatic color kitchen for both dyeing and printing, fully automatic color and chemical dispensing systems and SAP ERP solutions that take the process of printing, weaving and dyeing to a whole new level, they have been pioneers in the industry, never shying away from change and initiating upgrading to the latest international technology.

Every product embraces a delicate balance between the traditional Indian designs, lifted to suit contemporary tastes and colors that lend it an international touch. Exuding romance, each piece is fondly crafted with the utmost care, making them heirloom pieces to be passed on from generation to generation; like a legend.

Based in Ludhiana, the industrial core of northwest India, Shingora rolls out its high-end fashion line that spans all segments from premium to top-notch luxury. Its Shawls, Scarves, Throws and Fabrics have made waves on an international level. In line with their belief of 'Spread or Stifle', Shingora has set its eyes on the global market.

Among its clients are high profile names such as Armani, Kenzo, Polo Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith. It has already made a mark in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Japan as brand 'Shingora'. Its enduring zeal to be creative, enthusiastic and committed is driven by a dynamic team of competent, skilled and highly specialized workers ensuring exceptional quality and a rich consumer experience.

Shingora values its team and makes it a worthy experience for all those who form a part of the extended Shingora family. From customer satisfaction and employee welfare to addressing environmental issues, it makes sure every issue gets due attention. The pride that everyone associated with the brand takes in being a part of it stems from the fact that it goes an extra mile in dealing with its Corporate Social Responsibility; doing more than the mandatory bit for the environment, employees and society. A dependable and good resource for the media and the Government alike, it enjoys their confidence by being approachable and facilitative.

Like a perfect musical symphony, the Shingora Story seamlessly blends the best of different worlds, adding dimension with its impeccable silks, wools and cashmeres and serenading you with its unmatched charisma, ushering in romance in your wardrobe.
The Shingora family draws its administrative strength from Mr. Ashok Jain, President, Shingora. Hailing from a family with a small wool knitwear business established with his brothers in the 60's, it was under his guidance that Shingora got a foothold in the market. Having worked up from the grassroots level to the heights that the company has achieved today, he has ample experience with the workings of the industry. This cognizance has been the guiding light that effectively synchronises everyday operations.

Mr. Ashok Jain, Chairman
The visionary behind the company; it was the dream of Mrs. Mridula Jain about two decades ago that led to the addition of Shawls to the repertoire of her husband's knitwear business. Since the inception of the company which was started on handlooms, she has been the impetus behind the success story. What had seemed improbable to many at that time bore fruit because of her single minded devotion, clear vision and belief in her calling. She has earned the respect and admiration that she commands in the industry by working her way up to the top with sheer grit and determination; all the while keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground. A preeminent shawl professional, she has been honoured with many prominent awards like the Mahila Udyog Ratna in 1993, the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1994 and the Best Woman Entrepreneur in 1995 by the State Government. As vice-chairperson of the Shawl Club of India and as a member of various Government and Non-Government committees and advisory boards, she has put in ample efforts to benefit the sector.

Mrs. Mridula Jain, Managing Director

The journey from handlooms to mechanisation and digitisation leading to recognition of brand Shingora was spearheaded by Mr. Amit Jain. As head of the research and development wing, he has helped the company grow exponentially with the introduction of shuttle-less looms and electronic jacquards. The latest design systems and machines initiated under his guidance during the mid-nineties resulted in giving the company an international outlook. An avid traveler; he is aided by his background in textile education and enthusiasm regarding the latest developments in the industry internationally. His contributions have ensured that the company is among the very few to possess such a modern infrastructure and has positioned itself at the very top, many notches away from the closest competition. Exports have also been another one of his achievements, placing the company in the global bracket.

Mr. Amit Jain, President
The younger sibling of the Jain family, Mr. Anuj Jain joined the business in 2001 and has proved to be an invaluable asset since. The SA 8000 and Oeko-Tex Compliances for the company have been his efforts. Apart from heading the commercial and financial operations, he is adept at handling compliance activities. His scientific bent of mind along with his proficiency in economics has seen him at the helm of change in the introduction and administration of international-level management information systems at Shingora.

Mr. Anuj Jain, CEO